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Monday, May 19, 2008 misses me

I got an email from

Gosh, blush... the last time I was with the group was sometime, an eon back...

So I need to revive my membership. I have another ilocano portal that I have not visited for sometime. Surely this blog post is the latest of the long time ago since I posted... bd baaadd...

Anyway here is the emaiL:

Hello, peterahon!

We've noticed that you haven't been active on Community Forums for quite some time now, and we miss you!

Could we not tempt you back?

If you don't remember your password, you can request it here:

We hope to see you soon. :)

Kindest Regards, Community Forums

And so logging in and exploring what the site offers here below is an embed of Ilocano rap songs that I also added in my widget box:

Although I find it reminiscent of Andrew E's songs and rap style, that really became so popular in Ilocos during its heyday, I laud these musicians for doing their best to popularize the language and I do support it. I hope though to hear more Iloko music in other original form and styles. Lovely to hear an Iloko bossa nova or jazz maybe...

wow there is also a reggae version... fantastic!

whew... goood thing I got an email and revisit to this blog...

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