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Friday, March 20, 2009

Places to stay in Ilocos

Pagudpud's white sand is an alterntive to over rated Boracay. But I just hope it won't become like a beach mall where establishments and buildings have defaced the former beauty and glory of the island.

Coming from Laoag your travel to Pagudpud offers so much attraction and side scenes that should not be missed. Unfortunately only those with vehicles are conveniently capable of reaching those important landmarks since transport is not readily available for travelers on foot reaching these destinations:

From cape bojeador

From windmills

From kapurpuraw

There were hills, falls, spring, and rapids that I was not able to visit even. Secure an Ilocos Norte map in hotels to familiarized yourself with these destinations.

Remember to bring a good amount of cash since ATM and commercial banks are nowhere to be found. You can travel to Pasuquin or Laoag for the nearest (an hour or 2 drive). It follows that your credit card is as good as plastic ID since it is not accepted.

Keep a good supply of films or SD cards for your digital camera. So much beauty and memory to capture in Ilocos.

If you are geeky you may bring along your laptop since most of the resto to my surprise are equipped by wifi. But enjoy the sand rather than your keyboard instead.

Contact details of possible and fotos of placec to stay in Ilocos (note this fotos were taken the 2nd week of March 2009, please check other possible sources if the information are not update and do give feedback by leaving correction if any at the comment section)

Contact of a homestay close by Hannah Beach resort at the beach known as Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud. Range of accommodation this summertime will fetch PhP 2,500-3,000.00 or more room/per night during peak season. The place room is adjacent to the owner. It has 2 big beds and bath. Cooking is outside the room. It is fronting a mini-store of the owner and the beach.

From places to stay in ilocos norte

Hannah is a compound uphill from the seashore. It has lots of amenities and facilities. Check their website for more info. Located also in Blue Lagoon.

From places to stay in ilocos norte

From places to stay in ilocos norte

From places to stay in ilocos norte

Saud Beach is the more familiar beach of Pagudpud, white sand although not as fine as Boracay sand. But it is starting to resemble like Boracay with all the infra going on by the seashore.

Villa del Mar got spacious rooms and new and expensive cottages fronting the seashore. I believe it is one of the first and oldest of the resorts there.

From places to stay in ilocos norte

This resort has a resto and it is sandwich between two new resorts Apo Idon (I was not able to get a brochure and info from them, but a nice resort) and Terra Rika.

From places to stay in ilocos norte

From places to stay in ilocos norte

Arinaya is also a big resort neighbor of Villa del Mar. Their rooms simple but a bit expensive at PhP 2,700+ so we opted the neighboring resort which the staff graciously introduced us. There's another neighbor at the back which is a bit cheaper simple rooms and no beach front though.

From places to stay in ilocos norte

From places to stay in ilocos norte

Don't miss Paoay with the famou church and lake and other attraction. They have abel - woven products and other interesting stuff there. Here's a place to stay:

From places to stay in ilocos norte

From places to stay in ilocos norte

And in Laoag - too many places now to stay, here are just the few where I stayed:

At Fort Ilocandia, they have shuttle to pick you up from the airport to their hotel. The hotel's website is -

From places to stay in ilocos norte

This is one of the nice and affordable hotels in the city of Laoag.
From places to stay in ilocos norte

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Iloko - Forvo's language of the day

Forvo stats for

* Number of speakers: 10.000.000
* Number of speakers in Forvo: 1
* Pronounced words: 238
* Pending pronunciation words: 489